1. — You. Ben Riley. Is it lucky or unlucky to be alive during a zombie apocalypse?
  2. — Targeting Pointer. You use it for everything from shooting a zombie to opening a door or a container.
  3. — Countdown Clock / Time Of Day. The timer on top is how many days until your final showdown with the undead. The timer on the bottom is the time of day.
  4. — Health Meter. This is L'il You. It will show where you take hits and how badly an area has been damaged. The worse the damage, the more trouble you'll have moving, jumping, and ultimately, breathing.
  5. — Stamina Meter. As you move, you'll be exerting yourself — if you sprint, even more so. Run it too low without slowing to a walk or taking a breather, you're going to no choice but to slow down or stop.
  6. Your Gun. Whatever you are armed with will appear here.
  7. — Your Ammo. Displays how many shots are left in your gun. The smaller number is how much additional ammo you have on you for reloading.
  8. — Compass. Will show you how to get to a mission location and back again. Don't get turned around!
  9. Team Members. Everyone you have on your team or survivors you have picked up will be displayed here, along with their general health.
  10. Team Orders. More on these controls to follow.

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