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Note: To obtain this Update, it is recommended to download the entire game again from your service provider once they have made Version 1.0.7 available via their service.

Hey folks, sorry for the delay over E3 but the much awaited FZ update is here. We prepared it as a smaller patch update but so many DDL services did so many strange things to the original code base that in case of any problems, be prepared to just dload the whole package again. As usual, these are the major points but it is not exhaustive.


  1. Fixed crash from diving through certain windows.
  2. Fixed crashes due to NPC special abilities.
  3. Fixed zombie climbing bug that allowed zombies to pass through walls and doors.
  4. Improved Zombie and NPC pathing in many tight spaces.


  1. Small range extensions for all handguns
  2. Increased number of zombies in final battle.
  3. More accurate targeting locations on zombies.
  4. Targeting Reticle now shows whether target is at Short, Medium, Long or out of range.
  5. Out of range shooting now suffers from very large accuracy deviation.
  6. Increased zombie ability to climb.
  7. The destabilizing influence of the Deadworld has imbued small objects around Piety with magical attributes.
  8. Medical healing now starts in the torso and spreads outwards
  9. Can now stay out on missions till 4 AM.


  1. NPC AI now accepts range (s/m/l) commands for engaging enemies.
  2. Guns now come with Tac light variants to aid in night missions.
  3. 2 new firearms...M1911a pistol and Model 70 Savage hunting rifle.
  4. 3 new melee weapons...Machete, Sickle and Pitchfork
  5. New properties such as the Corn Maze and Theater of Evil.
  6. Skills now display rated AND final calculation levels
  7. Night now comes earlier over the course of the game...harder levels result in faster progressions of night fall.

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